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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1)

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1) - I was very privelaged to recieve Moira Young's debut novel Blood Red Road for free through Goodreads First Reads. Merely the idea of it had me fascinated. Even before I read it, I was sure I would instantly love it. Boy was I in for a shock. Oh, the grammar. Although I quickly figured out that the book was actually meant to come across this way, I still found myself cringing at Saba's atrocious grammar for the first section at least. I definitely wasn't ready for that. It was raw. It was Saba, and I found myself liking it more and more. It told us about the narrator. It let us see her as she was, not just how we're all used to seeing heriones portrayed. Besides, we all know that not everyone has impeccable grammar. (I'm sure I make my own share of mistakes as it is.) So, as I said, Saba's narrative voice really grew on me. The characters' way of speaking became quite...endearing, actually. It was a pleasant change from the norm. (After the initial shock.) My only pet peeve with this book was the lack of quotation marks. I often found myself unsure of when someone was speaking until I was halfway through their diologue. As with the grammar the confusion faded after a period. (Mostly.) Blood Red Road was extremely unique. Never have I ever come across something such as this tale. It was beautiful and it was also raw and ugly. Sad, yet happy. Funny at times but also solemn. There was life, death, and well-learned lessons. It was/is a story that captivated me from start to finish. The characters, I found, were very...real. They weren't all immediately likable, they weren't extremely transparent and easy to read. (However, I did find Saba and De Malo to be instant favourites, odd as that may be in De Malo's case.) I just love that about them. I love that they weren't so incredibly fake like so many other characters. Another thing I like about Moira Young's characters is that their journeys seem realistic:-Saba didn't immediately find her sisterly love for Emmi-Lugh wasn't himself at the end (I had to word that to prevent spoilers)-Jack and Saba's relationship took it's time progressing (unlike a lot sometimes ridiculous novel couples) They were so, so realistic. I am so glad.The loss of well-loved characters was hard. I had tears in my eyes threatening to overflow at times. Reading their deaths, I felt both pain and awe. I was sorry to see them go but I was awed by the simple yet stunning way Moira Young portrayed each scene. With twists and turns to keep you on your toes, characters infused with purpose and soul, and a flawless [my opinion, but still] ending, debut author Moira Young has started us off on an adventure we'll not soon forget. Blood Red Road is my favourite book so far this year, and I have a feeling it will take a lot to make it lose its place. The story, the characters, the style, and the promise of more made it well worth the day I spent reading it. Best of luck to Ms. Young on Saba's next two adventures. ***Phew. I believe that's the longest review I've ever written. Huzzah!