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Altered (Crewel World, #2) - Gennifer Albin I hate when people change the covers after the first book already came out with a different one.Especially when the first book's cover was gorgeous and the new ones are very unattractive [in comparison].Honestly it's enough to make me happy I only borrowed the first one rather than buy it because, as with Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, the first cover will now no longer match the rest of the series. Plus, I'd rather have the lovely colours and patterns, etc. than a sexualized cover. I'm not attracted by covers with people posing. (Obviously with a few exceptions, but it's really disappointing to see beautiful covers replaced with covers that, while still attractive, are clearly not catering to the same audience.)Anyway, I'm still gonna read this. I loved the first one and have hopes for this one, but I won't be buying unless I fall in love. And even then I'll wait for paperback.*edit*Ah...maybe not. I don't like the synopsis. Pitting brother against brother in a little love triangle = no thanks.