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Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2) - Andrea Cremer I hope this cover is actually used. The other one is not something I want marring my shelf of lovely booklings. I take great pleasure in having splendid books, regardless of cover, but the other cover for this book is disturbing to me. Grr.Update: Yuck. Seriously, I loved Nightshade's cover, so I bought the book and --in turn-- fell in love with the story. And then the publishers or whomever go and change the Wolfsbane cover. Wtheck? Is this not a YA fiction book? What's with the "Sexy cover"? Teens don't need any more "sexy" things. Seriously. Sex appeal isn't what should be selling a book. The story should. The writing. The characters. I MEAN REALLY? What was so wrong with the original covers? And I don't buy that it was done to expand to the adult fiction audience. Whatever. I know zero adults who would buy the book with the new cover but not the old. Most people I know (including adults) would rather have the beautiful covers that were first advertised/used for the books. They fit the story better, if you ask me. (And I don't care if you're not asking me.) They showed Calla in nature. They showed her as beautiful without having to resort to almost-innappropriate images. I'm sixteen and if my mother saw this book in my hands she'd take it. I talked to her about it. The only way I'm allowed to buy Wolfsbane and know what happens next is if I get rid of the dustjacket. It's way beyond sad to know how downhill the world has gone.