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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne I was torn about how many stars I would give this book. If you read my ramblings below, you'll learn why. First of all, it seemed to go far too FAST. It could have been two books with some fleshing out, maybe acknowledging the deaths more/better? (i.e. Finnick, Prim, Coin, others in 451) It was really quite cruel to have all those deaths within minutes of each other and have just about zero acknowledgement. Sometimes I had to go back just to see who was dead. Secondly, what's with the Gale thing!? I was so mad when he didn't end up at least CALLING Katniss at the end. I thought he was supposed to be her best friend? Shouldn't he care? I thought that end was left too loose... And thirdly, the end was a bit rushed (even more so than the rest of the book). SO MUCH COULD HAVE HAPPENED! We could've known for sure that Coin was bad. We could've known her plans, her dreams -- her confession. It would have been nice. Barely anything happened about Prim being dead. Katniss didn't seem to think much about anything, though I guess I don't completely blame her. To tell the truth, I did love this book the entire time I was reading it. It kept me reading non-stop and it was pretty good. This is the book where I finally came to accept that Katniss is a good character. I liked her best in this book, whereas I hardly liked her at times in the other two, just because I thought she was sometimes...unlikable. Thank-you Collins, for writing this series. It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me smile, and it made me rage. It takes a good book with great characters for it to be so relatable and understandable, even when it takes place in entirely different circumstances.