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Hello lovelies. I'm Kenny and I'm a lover of words, written and read, spoken and sung. 



Stolen - Lucy Christopher There are no words I can say about this story that are true enough.Heartwrenching.Beautiful.Sad. All of those and yet...more. The book hooked me in from the start and never let me go, even now that it's done, only a few hours after I picked it up in the store and was stolen by the characters and the brilliant words. I'm not ashamed to say I truly cried. A chest tight, cheeks red, tears sliding cry. One of my favourite books, hands down.~*~UPDATE! I've now read it twice. The funny thing is I read it in a day the first time and this time I managed to make it last three. That's the longest time it's ever taken me to read a book this short. I just love it.