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City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare I'm giving this book two stars. I went into it thinking I would give it four.The only reason it isn't getting a one is that there were SOME VERY SMALL PARTS that were good. Ish.(The demon fights? Even then, they weren't magnificient. And Maia biting Jordan. That was poetic justice, I suppose.) Anywho. I was very disappointed in this book and this review of it is not going to be able to fully express the height of my *confused feelings* about this book.~*~-A few hours after the original review-After calming myself (by snuggling a cute baby and falling asleep...), I've decided I'll give this book a three. Becaaaause....though I didn't LOVE it, I didn't HATE it. I liked it. And that is what three stars means...apparently. Anywho...I don't think it deserves it, for the lack of exciting stuff and excess of "the chat factor", but I will gift it with three stars to make me feel better and to know that I did like it...just not enough to re-read or to recommend to anyone.