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My Soul to Keep - Rachel Vincent This book is making me angry. So, until I feel the want to read it again...it is going back on my to-read shelf...and my on-hold one. Stupid. I liked the first two books just fine.~After Finishing~Oh wow! I loved it so much! Stupid, misguided Nash. *shakes head* You should have told someone! Gah! Boys: always thinking they need to do things on their own. Silly geese. And I CANNOT believe you gave away the emotions to those memories! You *insert terrible name I would never say*! Do you know how bad that made Kay feel?! I could just strangle you...but then I would miss you terribly, and so I shan't. And my my. Tod, I love you so much more than before. Thank-you for punching your brother. It made me smile so wide. I wish that someday, Kay will decide to listen to her heart and tell the parents before the bad stuff happens instead of always listening to Tod and Nash on that point. Overall, it was a very good book once I got over my anger at Nash. And, oddly, I still love him and hope their relationship problems are resolved in the next book.