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Stormbreaker  - Anthony Horowitz (This is a review I wrote in grade 7) * Stormbreaker. Just the sound of the title makes you want to grab the book, tear it open, and....read! Well, this book has nothing to do with storms. ;) Surprisingly, it is about a computer. BORING! But wait, hold on, there are characters like Alex Rider whose uncle was a banker. (or was he....?) No! Alex's uncle, Ian Rider, was a spy who was brutally murdered by an assassin named Yassen Gregorovich. After his uncle's deaeth, Alex goes to a junkyard to investigate his uncle's mysterious death, finds something, and very nearly dies in a CRUSHER! Wow, close call. He got a phone call from the Royal and General Bank and he went over there to collect his uncle's papers. Some terryfying stunts, drugged darts, and some big explainations later, Alex is on his way to spy training. After two full weeks of hard work (and close encounters) Alex assumes the identity of Felix Lester whom, while Alex is keeping tabs on Sayle and his enterprises, is on an all expense paid trip to the sunny beaches of....you guessed it: Florida. Alex has a few slip-ups and gets into some super-sized trouble! In the end, will Sayle Enterprises prevail, or will Alex Rider live long enough to get out, get help, and save the school children of London, England? There's only one way to find out and that is to read this amazingly suspense filled book by Anthony Horowitz.