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Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer I'm not even going to read this. REN DIES? What the heck kind of stupid move is that? I hate that Calla chooses Shay. He's an immature, whiny little baby and I've hated him from the start. Ren and Calla were a better pairing than Shay and Calla could ever be.Whatever. I'll go down with my ship.I refuse to read Bloodrose. I'll just lovingly read Nightshade over and over because at least then I thought Ren had a chance. Andrea Cremer, your fans are disappointed with you.Because I know I am not the only one to lament Ren's death.A lot of us loved him.And you killed him off?After making him watch his father die?After just being reunited with his sister?Can the guy not get a break? If you ever write anything again...I don't know if I'll pick it up right away. To be honest, I like your writing, Ms Cremer, but I don't trust you anymore.