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Prized - Caragh M. O'Brien I am praying-- praying -- to receive an ARC copy of this book. I don't believe I could handle waiting until November to read the glorious words that no doubt fill the pages! If Birthmarked was magnificient, one can only imagine how much more exciting its sequel will be! I can only hope and pray that I get a chance to delve into its depths early. ~*~After Reading~*~No ARC for me. :) However...this book...I can't even...I can't write a proper review for this. Caragh's beautiful writing just grabs my heart. Her characters make me feel for them. You've no idea how many times I winced, smiled, giggled, raged, nearly cried, and full on laughed in these two lovely books. They are definitely two of the most amazing books I've read lately and they definitely top my favourites list. (Along with a few choice others.) Can't wait for another brilliant installment. I don't think I'll be disappointed at all.