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Darkest Mercy - Melissa Marr *Before Reading*I think I'm actually freaking out right now!*checks pulse*I AM!AH! This series is so riveting! It held my attention from the start and pulled me into the story. The characters are alternately easy to love and hate. Goodness gracious me. I love this series a lot more than I had originally planned. I can't believe that it's still so amazing even after doing four books already. Some authors can't do that, but Melissa Marr definitely can. She knows how to keep up the conflict and to give you what you want....all in due time. All in all, the Wicked Lovely series is breathtaking and thrilling. I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT FOR Darkest Mercy!*is done ranting about the series, arms sore from wild gesticulations*Phew. *After Reading* I love it. It was amazing...and...I just have no other words for it!