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Little Face  - Sophie Hannah As I stood, in the middle of the store, reading the back of this book, I was captured. The fact that the story was of teh mystery genre just made it all that much more enticing. I have to say that the first chapter in which it was Simon's view that we saw, I was a little bored. Although as the story progressed, I found it more enjoyable to read because, partly, of Charlie. Although it is a great, well written book, I found it very easy to infer what was going to happen. That in itself was not enough to stop my anticipation of the end. I was so intrigued by the mysterious characters that I could not, even if I wanted to, leave the book down for more than half and hour. So in about 3 and a half hours, Little Face was done. I loved this book. (even if it was a bit easy to guess the plot) Fab job!